The story behind Fishers Furniture


Now, under the management of Elmer’s great-grandson, Zach, Fishers Furniture evolved starting with a location facelift. With new floors, repainted walls touched up greenery and external landscaping for a better-looking and wheelchair-accessible setting, and finally a broader inventory, Fishers Furniture has transformed as it enters the 21st century. In addition to the makeover, we added a gift shop upon popular request. To honor the local community’s intent to build a better Fishers Furniture store, our front showroom has transformed into a gift shop featuring home decor, local goods, and unique gifts for every occasion.

In light of a fantastic evolution into a tech-savvy generation, we are opening our doors once again to a new venture: the digital world. We are bringing our quality products and services to the world through our website. With half a century of colorful history, Fishers Furniture maintains its core values in serving our clients not just like friends but family. We will and always provide comfortable quality furniture and gifts for an affordable price.

For over 50 years of committed work, we have dedicated our services to providing a good relationship between homeowners and furniture sellers to effectively create an environment of trust. Fisher’s Furniture first opened its doors in 1963; however, our history started long before that. In 1958, we started out as R&S Bargain Center when Elmer Fisher bought a quaint building in Higginsville, Missouri, where we had ‘a little bit of everything.’

After a couple of years, he decided to exclusively sell furniture still at the building R&S Center located at 816 Fairground Avenue. From then on, R&S became Fisher’s Furniture. After more than five decades of service, Fisher’s Furniture is under new management where four generations of Fishers have successfully catered to the needs of the locals of Higginsville and even beyond its borders. Elmer Fisher was able to create a community in Fishers Furniture garnering the trust and loyalty of many generations of customers.